Playing with technology

We do not fight against technology – we use its power and abilities to get students interested in science, art, business, music, engineering, and other fields. It’s the key to modern reality and the language of teenagers. Speaking this language with students opens the doors to real interests, dedicated pursuits, and future thriving.
By the way, Exupery International School boasts a great technical platform, advanced infrastructure, and an educational team that incorporates experts from the field.

Intensive english language practice

We provide a weekly set of vocabulary, so every student can pick any number of weeks in order to improve language practice and enrich vocabulary in certain fields.
Each day contains:

All program parts are conducted in English. In addition, we have staff members that are able to communicate with students in Latvian, Russian, Hebrew, and French on a personal basis, if needed.

Learning by doing

We believe that people learn new skills and get knowledge by doing: practice makes perfect! And summer camp is definitely the best place for implementation of this approach and getting fast results: practicing English and testing new skills, exploring ideas, creating projects and comments.

Student community

We are proud of our educators’ and students’ community: they are creative and full of inspiration, eager to invent, curious and looking for adventures and discoveries.


We care about healthy food and habits, open-air activities, sport and walking, sightseeing and environmental thinking.

Soft skills

We support social, creative and cognitive development as one of the benefits of our summer program. During camp activities, while traveling, learning and making projects, students also think over and improve their soft skills: teamwork and negotiation, communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, flexibility, and leadership.

Details matter

We work hard and pay attention to each and every detail of our summer program, matching expectations of students and parents, finding the best educators and facilitators, technologies and ideas – to bring up creativity, curiosity and striving to get meaningful learning experience. And to get great results, of course!

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