SCIENCE FOX Laboratory

The teachers of the SCIENCE FOX laboratory have prepared an exciting program in chemistry and biology for participants who are 10-15 years old. The participants have a unique opportunity to look, through the prism of science, at the important issues facing modern humanity. Our participants will conduct experiments that real chemists and biologists carry out in their laboratories every day. Through interactive programs and entertaining experiences, young scientists will find their way to address global challenges selected by the UN.

The course goal is:

Our goal is to show how scientific knowledge and global thinking can help humanity overcome problems such as a lack of drinking water, the dominance of plastic trash on the planet, and other environmental issues. This course is ideal for children who love science, new technologies, and scientific experiments.

The program includes visits to:

Developing skills of the 21st century:


Andris Jeminejs
Kirils Filipovs
Santa Bērziņa
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