Vladislavs Nazarenko

Graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Arts of the University of Latvia.

Since 2011 have been working as a teacher of computer science and programming. Have several students, that won scientific research Olympiads and were nominated to represent Latvia in European Union Contest for Young Scientists. Some of the students with whom we were developing school research projects in IT later defended them as bachelor’s degrees in Latvia. I always encouraged students to do science not only for the fun of it, but to challenge themselves with problem-solving. My youngest student, who published her paper in a Latvian scientific journal was 17 years old.

Am working with UNESCO Associated Schools Project, with the aim to bring the most up-to-date approach in education for children and have fun doing it.

Attended several lectures and working laboratories held by international IT companies, like Accenture, IBM and Microsoft with special programs for teachers, that teach children programming.

The process of finding creative approach with my students to solve everyday problems in engineering or computer science gives me the greatest pleasure in my life. As technology and programming is only but a tool in the hands of people, that solve problems and make our lives better.