Exupery Summer Camp 2022
Day and Overnight Camps
For 4-17 years old


    04.07.22. - 15.07.22.
    18.07.22. - 29.07.22.

    (DAY CAMP,
    4-7 y.o.)

    01.08.22. - 05.08.22.
    08.08.22. - 12.08.22.
    15.08.22. - 19.08.22.

*with an option for one or three weeks

Program dates 2022:
Location: Exupery School, Pinki (4-17 y.o.)
Location: Exupery School, Pinki (4-7 y.o.)
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04.07 - 15.07
For 7-17 years old

18.07 - 29.07
For 7-17 years old

04.07 - 15.07; 18.07 - 29.07

01.08 - 05.08; 08.08 - 12.08;
15.08 - 19.08
For 4-7 years old

Expedition: Science

  • Future Technologies, Architecture
    and Engineering
  • Space Biology
  • Art & Culture impact
  • Sci-Fi Cinema
  • Space Smart Cities
  • Local Roots vs Global Perspectives (excursions)
  • Deep Dive: Digital

  • Exploring Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Innovations for Environment & Ecology
  • Contemporary Art
  • Smart Urban Planning
  • Local Roots vs Global Perspectives (excursions)
  • Language, Arts and Science

  • Small Groups
  • Cognitive Development workshops
  • Sport, Games, Arts & Crafts
  • Open Air Activities
  • Communication Skills development
  • Program price

    Program for 7-17 years old (EXUPERY SCHOOL,PINKI)
    EXPEDITION SCIENCE: July 04 - 15
    DEEP DIVE: DIGITAL: July 18 - 29

    • Day camp (price for 2 weeks - 10 days)
    • Overnight camp (price for 2 weeks - 12 days)

    Day Camp for 4-7 years old (EXUPERY SCHOOL,PINKI)

    • Price for 2 weeks

    Day Camp for 4-7 years old (EXUPERY SCHOOL,PINKI)
    August 01 - 05
    August 08 - 12
    August 15 - 19

    • Price for 1 week


    • Family discount (for the second kid)
    • Family discount (for the third kid in the family)
    • Exupery International School members discount

    Extra Options

    for 9-17 years old
    July 04-15
    July 18-29

    • Overnight Weekend:

      Stay overnight during the weekend! Get your own room, travel with us, explore the beauty of Latvia, visit the best local hotspots

    • Extra Long Days:

      Stay longer, until 21:30, spend the evening time with your friends at camp, have dinner together, play, create, and communicate

    • Weekend Trips:

      Join the group for travelling on weekends, explore the beauty of Latvia, visit the best local hotspots, come back to sleep in your own home

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    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 20 23 21 21 or e-mail summer@exupery.lv.

    6 reasons to choose Exupery Day Camp

    1. Professional educators and Intensive English language practice
    We provide a weekly set of vocabulary, allowing every student to pick their own workload, improve their language skills, and enrich their vocabulary in specific fields.

    2. Inspiring and creative program, impressive results
    Language & Creative Technologies are in the center of our summer program, that is suitable for kids and teens of 4 - 17 years old. The English Language Practice, Science, Technologies and Art work here symbiotically in Project Based Learning - to develop creativity, stimulate curiosity, inspire inventions, and connect people.

    3. Well-equipped and safe environment: labs, classes, school space
    Modern technologies are integrated in daily life of Exupery Day Camp. 3D-printer, VR-zone, 3D-monitors, iMac-classroom, Windows-classroom, interactive smartboards. Everything you need to create digital products.

    4. International community of students
    We are proud of our educators’ and students’ community: they are creative and full of inspiration, eager to invent, curious and looking for adventures and discoveries.

    5. Healthy food
    Our partner is one of the best and well known restaurants in Latvia — 'Line 36'. They will take the best care of the food at the summer camp, so the participants would enjoy delicious meals 3 times a day.

    6. Great place to be!
    The summer program will be held at award winning modern building of Exupery International school. All rooms ensure a healthy environment for your child.

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    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 20 23 21 21 or e-mail info@summer.exupery.lv.


    Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Exupery school this summer for my son. He very much liked everything which was suggested to him: lessons, accommodation, after classes program et cetera. Friendly atmosphere which was created by the teachers and the stuff worth a special note. Facilities of the school were exceptional and the design of the school was modern. The food was pretty good. Special gratitude for fast and professional work in the course of visit preparation. See you again.

    With best regards,
    Ilya and Semen Lifshits

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    Curious about what it's like to attend the Exupery International Summer Camp? We'll let you hear it from the best source available - last year's participants! We won't say too much, as we believe that the testimony in today's video speaks for itself. Watch to find out what our campers remembered and enjoyed most about this unique experience.

    Summer Camp Team Leaders
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